Main Topics

  • Computer Science (Artificial intelligence, Data processing and security, Disturbed systems, Network security, Parallel programming, Cyber Security, Security of knowledge, Distributed Systems, Big Data, Image Proceedings, Data Mining and other subjects in Computer Science)
  • Electrical and Electronics (Automation and control, Communication techniques and systems, Circuit applications and simulations, Electrical machines, Electric transmission and distribution, Energy production, Medical electronics, Optic electronics, Power electronics, Signal processing and other subjects in Electrical and Electronics Sciences)
  • Metallurgy and Materials (Advanced Materials, Batteries and Energy Materials, Composite Materials, Ceramics & Glasses, Carbon Based Materials, Corrosion, Electronic Materials, Electro- and Physical Chemistry, Hybrid Optical Materials (Organic/Inorganic), Materials Processing and Handling, Materials Physics, Metallurgical Physical Chemistry, Metallurgical Fundamentals and Techniques, Metallurgy of Iron-Steel and Nonferrous Materials, Materials Chemistry and Sustainable Chemistry, Magnetic Materials, Materials Characterization, Mining, Metallurgy and Material Science, Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology, Optical Materials, Powder Metallurgy, Polymer Science,Surface Phenomena and Interfaces, Welding and Joining and other subjects in Metallurgy and Materials Sciences)
  • Machine (Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing, Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems, Computational Materials, Control methods, Cutting Tool Technologies, Design and Production Methods, Design and Production of Mechanical Systems, Engineering Design Methodology and Design Models, Flexible and Distributed Manufacturing Systems, Grinding and other abrasive methods, Forces, High performance machining, Intelligent Systems in Mechanical Design and Manufacturing, Machine Design and Mechanical System Design, Analysis and Damage Formation, Machining Technologies and Modelling, Machining planning, Mechanical Design and Applications, Non-traditional manufacturing process, Production System Modeling and Simulation, Process Sourced Residual Stress, Process Stability Analysis, Structural Materials,Tool condition monitoring, Vibrations, Renewable energy resources, Environmental pollution and control, HVAC and automation, Hydraulic and pneumatic systems, Instrumentation systems at heating technique, Computational Methods in Energy, Fluid Power, Heat and Mass Transfer, Hydrogen Energy Technologies, Fuel Cells Technologies and other subjects in Machine)
  • Mechatronics (Autonomous Systems, Biomechatronics and Applications, Calibration and Measurement, Intelligent Materials and Active Control, Mechatronic Education, Micro-electronic and Micro-mechanical Systems, Novel Mechatronic Systems, Robot Intelligence, Space and Underwater Applications, , Wireless Sensors and Distributed Control and other subjects in Mechatronics)
  • Engineering (Biology, Environment, Industry, Energy, Energy, Genetics, Geotechnics, Food, Aviation, Hydraulic, Manufacturing, Construction, Chemistry, Mechatronics, Molecular Biology, Nano Technology, Nuclear Energy / Medicine, Automotive, Oil, Transport, Software, Agriculture and other subjects in Engineering)

       * You can participate in our congress with the research on current and popular topics in the fields of research listed above.

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